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Nörd™ and Ergo™
The e-bikes that take the MOVS membership experience to the next level.

Watch the videon. Get to know Nörd™ and Ergo™.

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Product drop: Prel. mid-April

Designed by MOVS in Sweden.

Functional Scandinavian minimalism.

Our design team’s philosophy builds on the principles of usability-focus, minimalism and the importance of identity. These new rides are designed to be the perfect everyday companions for all urbanistas on the move, with two upcoming unisex and all-season models that will rule the streets in cool Scandinavian style.

MOVS Intuition E-drive System

It is in the interplay between our system’s components where the magic happens; the custom controller and software programs, electric engine and the all-new high-capacity battery. We set our minds to create an intuitive and joyful ride experience where the e-bike simply understands you, as if it had a brain and a sixth sense.

Craftsmanship in every detail.

The new models are designed from the ground up starting with a special Uniframe® construction, which gives the bikes beautifully clean lines, seamless joints and rigidity without adding extra weight. The battery is a story in itself, built with components developed by the electric car industry and designed to be removable and easy to carry, yet it becomes an integrated part of the bike’s frame when mounted.

More holistic.
It’s a closed loop.

Register. Ride. Return.
And repeat.

Ride like the future of your city depend on it.

MOVS started out with a simple idea. To make daily commuting in the city as holistic and sustainable as possible. Because we know that moving around in the city can be far too stressful, crowded and pollutant.

So we created MOVS. Clean, easy and stylish e-rides, through membership instead of ownership; with a purpose-driven and minimalistic design philosophy, destined to make urban life more circular and on your terms. Like a closed loop. 

MOVS was founded in Stockholm in 2021 and is currently operating in four Swedish cities.